volga volga is a Tokyo-based clothing brand launched by designer Mikhail Panteleev and modelist Shiori Kurushima.

We create meticulously designed, easy-to-wear garments by combining various carefully selected fabrics in one piece, using three-dimensional cutting.
Each piece has its own personality and texture and is hand-finished in our atelier.

From our very first collection in 2001, we have shown men’s wear and women’s wear collections every season at Paris Fashion Week.
For 7 straight seasons, from spring/summer 2002 until autumn-winter 2004, we collaborated with Rei Kawakubo for her "10 corso como‐COMMES des GARÇONS" and "CORNER" collections (ISETAN MEN'S).
In December 2012, we opened our flagship store, in our atelier in Tokyo.

After the autumn/winter 2018 collection, the company ceased exhibiting at the Paris Collections and closed its Bakurocho Atelier Shop.
Shift to production through collaborative projects with partner shops.
From 2019, irregular shop events in art galleries and order production for one fan became possible.
2021 Online shop opened, delivering the designer's fresh ideas from time to time.

モスクワ出身のデザイナー、ミハイル・パンチレエフによるMade in Tokyoのアパレルブランド。厳選した素材のミックスや立体的なカッティングでストレスの無い快適な着用感を追及し、流行にとらわれないこだわりの物作りを続けている。アトリエ内での手作業で1枚1枚おもむきと奥行きのあるピースに仕上げていく。


2002年春夏から2004年秋冬の6シーズンに渡り"10 CORSO COMO‐COMMES DES GARÇONS" "CORNER"(伊勢丹メンズ館)の為に川久保玲氏とコラボレーションした。