Shiori  Kurushima
Shiori was born in Marugame City in Kagawa, Japan.

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, she studied at Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris.

With a recommendation from Bernard Mine, one of the last Chef-Designers to work with Coco Chanel herself, Shiori worked as première main (head seamstress) in the Hanae Mori Paris tailoring atelier, where garments such as suits are made.
She has also worked as a modelist (a designer who uses draping to create styles) and pattern maker for ready-to-wear brands.
ハナエモリ・パリにてベルナール・ミンヌ(ココ・シャネル自身と仕事をした最後のシェフ)からの指名を受け、Atelier Tailleur(スーツなどを製作するアトリエ)でプルミエ・マン(洋服1点全てを任され担当するお針子)として従事。

After returning to Tokyo in 1991, she worked for the fashion house Toray producing textiles.

In 1993 she worked for Korean designer Miwha Hong primarily as a modelist and organizer for the Paris Fashion Week runway and collection.

In 1998 she worked for Jurgen Lehl as an interior designer.
1998〜99年、ヨーガンレール インテリア企画に従事。

In 2000 she founded volga volga together with her husband and designer Mikhail Panteleev in Tokyo. She directs pattern making and is the modelist in their atelier.
2000年、公私共にパートナーであるミハイル・パンチレエフとvolga volga 設立。現在に至る