sumi dyeing
We have dyed our goods with sumi, a traditional Japanese ink, since launching our brand in 2000. Sumi dyeing is done by hand in our atelier.

Sumi dyes produce neutral gray tones that cannot be created with synthetic dyes, and can be used to color a wide range of materials including both natural and synthetic fibers. At volga volga, we use sumi dyes on cloth and leather as well as finished products like clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.

Whereas synthetic dyes work through a chemical reaction between the dye and fiber, natural dyes like sumi impart color by impregnating fibers with dye particles. This makes natural dyes applicable to a wide range of materials. Because the particles of dye attach differently to different types of materials, the appearance of the finished products varies widely. On some materials, sumi dyes create distinctive irregularities and textures, contributing to the unique character of volga volga products.

[ Caring for sumi-dyed products ]

・Do not wash sumi-dyed products in hot water.
All items are thoroughly rinsed at our workshop after dyeing to remove excess dye particles, and will not fade when washed in cold water. However, washing in hot water may cause fading.

・Do not scrub individual sections of our sumi-dyed products.
Scrubbing an individual section will dislodge the dye particles in that section, causing irregular discoloration. If one of our products becomes stained, wash the entire item (not just the stained section) as quickly as possible.


volga volgaでは生地や革、縫製後の製品(洋服、鞄、靴、小物など)まで、様々なものを墨染めしています。

独特のムラや手触りを見せる素材もあり、volga volgaの製品の味わい深さを生み出しています。

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