after-sales care
To our customers:

volga volga offers repair services for our products.
In addition to hemming sleeves, pants, and skirts, we will remove stains and repair other types of damage that occur after you have purchased an item. Please do not hesitate to inquire about our services if a volga volga product becomes worn or frayed due to long use, or if pills form on knit goods, shoe soles wear thin, or dry cleaning damages an item.

If a large tear or other damage makes it difficult to return an item to its original condition, we can suggest creative ways to give it new life, such as inserting a different material. This is one of the unique services volga volga is able to offer because we operate our own atelier and place high value on craftsmanship.

These services are available for all volga volga products regardless of where the item was purchased?whether at volga volga’s atelier shop, a boutique in Japan or overseas, or a secondhand store. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about how to wash or care for our products.

Please use our this [ contact form ] to contact us.

volga volgaの商品をお買い上げいただいたお客様へ

商品を長くご愛用いただく為に、volga volgaではお直し・修繕のサービスを行っております。

ものづくりにこだわった独自のアトリエを持つvolga volgaならではのサービスです。

volga volgaアトリエショップはもちろん、国内外のセレクトショップ、古着屋など、volga volgaの製品でしたらいつどちらでご購入いただいたものでも全てケアいたします。